Let the Cleansing Begin!

January 11, 2018

Today begins Day 1 of 40. 
Alarm set for every two hours,
Food packed, Shakes coordinated.
I get 300 extra calories from my nutritionally dense-low calorie food choices for every 30 minutes of exercise! 
Wish me luck!


Day 2 of my 40 day cleanse.....this is what I woke up to this am on my computer! My darling boyfriend knows I am cleansing, however, when I met him almost 6 years ago, I lived for chocolate covered almonds. At that time and since then, he has adorned me with pounds of it. However, I gave up chocolate about 3 years ago, with the exception of a few special occasions. It Still hasn't registered with him. How can I fault him? never want to create a negative vibe with what he see's as a kind gesture.

As cleansers, we must be careful of these moments. I immediately packaged them up and put them in my daughter's school bag as a surprise - although she will probably kill me later! Have a great day! remain strong, if you too are creating healthy changes in your diet in this new year!!!