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As Life Ebb's & Flows,We Dance

Note from Kathleen: Please feel free to share with a friend who may need this reminder, because in life, happiness is a choice and dancing is beautiful whether you are alone or with a partner.

As I pulled each piece of furniture from its room, I could feel my energy dancing behind me.

The "home" soon became, just a "house."

As I packed the last box into the truck, I felt the chapter end - I closed the book on this chapter.

I walked out the front door then closed it gently on the past.

My energy now standing beside me.

As I looked up at the sun, I felt her warm kisses on my face. I felt the tickle of the Earth under my feet. I savored this moment before walking to the truck and saying my formal goodbyes.

It all happened as the Astrological Calendar came to an end. The full moon in Virgo reminded me to "rid" myself of patterns, and energy that no longer served my higher good.

My heart reminded me, life is an ebb and flow from which we must consciously chose to continue flowing.

Relationships don't end, they simply change form, because the love that we felt still exists.

Love is an energy and energy never dies. It will always be a part of us.

The person we loved may have changed, but the love we shared remains.

Does the dance of a relationship end? Or does the music simply take on a different sound?

Maybe we don't "rid" ourselves.

Maybe, instead, we embrace the experience by gently tucking the love we received snuggly into our hearts where it will remain forever.

Each relationship is a gift - the gift is what the other has given us - a chance to work through Karma and come out on the other side. Otherwise, Karma will be knocking at the door again...

In my case, the Karma knocked again, I heard the old music, and I danced again, but this time, the music morphed into a different beat, one that reminded me to dance out the door with a lightness in my step towards the brightness of a new future.

My body now feels free.

My dance moves fresh.

The heaviness of the past relieved.

My dance has slowed down, I welcome the change in life's choice of new music, it's time to dance with myself.

The music reminds me that the love that I need the most, the strongest love, the doorway to every healthy relationship, is the love I share with myself first.

That's what I will do, love myself for now and welcome the orchestra that lives in my head, that guides my body and soul.

When life, once again, extends her beautiful hand to me as an invitation to dance with her, I will take her hand in gratitude,

and dance my way into my next relationship. Taking with me all the lessons learned from the past and the grounding force of loving myself.



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