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Is Your Energy Making You Want to Explode?

"Don't push against the waves - Sail with them."

Say Hello to the 4/4 Portal - then strap in, we are in Aries Season, life is about to get more energized!

Sandwiched between the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Libra accompanied by a Full Moon on March 25th and the Total Solar Eclipse accompanied by a New Moon in Aries, the 4/4 Portal opens tomorrow. GEEZ!

During most years we will see 4 eclipses - 2 solar and 2 lunar eclipses. Although rare, we can experience up to 7 solar eclipses in one year. A Total Solar Eclipse, contrary to popular misinformation, occurs every 18 months, and is defined as "when the moon completely covers the face of the Sun."

4 years ago, Rachel Reiki, a Reiki Master and Energy Intuitive, performed a mass meditation on her YouTube channel on 4/4. At the same time, Covid descended upon us, and the world received a "pause" button. For those who were aware of the portal and participated in the meditation, they were said to have felt the world's energy shift. I think I can say with true confidence, we all felt the world's energy shift. Thanks to Covid we experienced the slow down, the going within, and for some, "the Awakening."

When I look back on April 2020, I remember feeling like my eyes were beginning to open. My ears were beginning to hear, and my heart was feeling things I had not allowed it to feel by keeping my days cluttered with work and friends. No time to go down deep, too much going on externally that needed my attention. In other words, I wasn't truly living, I was existing, I was "surviving" in the eyes of a Yogi.

We know the full Moon is an illuminating light. She's at her fullest when the Sun sits directly across from her casting a vibrant light into our deepest levels of emotional darkness. In order to go down deep to do the cleansing work, we must remove the frenetic energy from our lives. If we only see our lives as being busy and hectic, we are living in the "external world." We are not truly living; we have lost touch with our senses. And we are certainly not letting go of the emotional baggage that no longer serves us, we continue to let it weigh us down.

Remember during Covid, when the airplanes stopped flying and the noise of traffic outside our windows disappeared. When we opened our windows to the silence of Mother Nature?

Remember going out for longer walks more often, reconnecting with our partners and spoiling our dogs? During those walks, listening to the sounds of the birds? Or better yet, lying in bed at night hearing the whisper of the wind at our windows, the juicy splatter of the raindrops early in the mornings? That, my friends, was the beginning of a "Spiritual Awakening." The was the silence we needed to remind us of how beautiful life and Nature are, and how we have been missing out.

Being tuned back in to Nature during Covid reopened the door to our connection with the Divine. We started questioning what was missing from our lives, feeling the pull to something bigger.

Tomorrow the 4:4 portal is opening - The energy sandwiched between two eclipses, a Full Moon, and a New Moon. We are asked by Libra to look at our lives and check in with where we are out of balance (again post Covid)- are we working more than playing? Are we giving more than receiving? Did we fall back into the abyss of "all work no play"?

The last Eclipse in Libra was Last October 2023. These two-eclipses act as Bookends. Ask yourselves, "Where was I then? What situations were heightened? Where Am I today? Because as we step into this Eclipse season, those who walk beside us walk into the future with us, and those who walk behind stay in the past. Once we assume this portal, we must not look back, just continue pushing forward manifesting the lives that we so desire.

As we move through the portal, Mercury is in Retrograde in Aries (a bit confusing to me as one slows us down and the other energizes us). Mercury in Retrograde is a time of introspection. The Solar Eclipse on the 8th will be the last to orbit the Earth for another 20 years (according to NASA)!! It's accompanied by a very Intense New Moon. Also, a time of introspection. It's time to plant the seeds. Manifest what you want from your life - then imagine you are already there.  

The last four years have been powerful. All about cleansing, cleaning out, making room for the future without the dirty laundry of the past still sitting in the corners of our emotional closets.

We are in a state of Karmic return, so all that you have put out there is now coming back to you. Take that for what its' worth. I have been putting out a lot of love into my relationships. My hope is to see that come back to me over the next few years :)

So much information. I am not an astrologer; I am an empath. We are all Empaths, but I have embraced that more so over the past few years and the energy of Astrology, the universe, and the people I surround myself with has fascinated me.

I hope you move forward into this new astrological year into the life you so desire.



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