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When the Armor Keeps You from Loving Another - Kathleen Tormey

Do you have someone in your life that is so heavily guarded they won't let you in? Or, perhaps, that person is you?

When someone spends a lifetime building walls so high and layers so deep, they have a hard time digging out their true, authentic persona, and the world becomes a hateful place....

Everyone is against you, nothing feels right outside the body. It's because the inside is not grounded. That inner space is lacking of self love.

The dress code becomes a suite of armor.

Where does it begin? How could we know, it's hidden so deep behind the armor.

I guess it doesn't really matter in the larger scheme of things, unless you love this person deeply and their pain becomes yours.

The armor keeps them safe.

But, it keeps you from ever really knowing them, ever getting close enough to tenderly love them in a way they so need to be loved.

This person will move from relationship to relationship because relationships are easier in the beginning. But, eventually a relationship will bring you to that same place, standing in front of the door to vulnerability. The door would need to be opened and the armor undressed - the ultimate in trust - this doorway is a scary place to be.

This month the full moon was in Libra - Libra is governed by Venus - the planet of love. Love is medicinal..

My wish for you, or that special someone, is that you can find that space in which the path to self love is revealed.

Then, maybe, just maybe, the door will crack open just enough so you can step through, undress the armor and create the space that welcomes true love from another.

Love is the medicine, the medicine that can heal your heart and energize your soul. Work to find that love for yourself, and then, hopefully, the capacity to fully love another.


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