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Yoga at Home

Kathleen Tormey, the owner of Complete Physique Boulder, LLC, has been working in fitness for over 33 years. 

Kathleen received her first Group Fitness Instructor Certification in 1992 and continued her education and training to become a Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (previously known as I.D.E.A.).

Kathleen didn't stop here! Over the years she continued to advance her training and qualifications with a plethora of certifications, as well as a degree in Exercise Science from UMASS. 

Her more recent trainings include:  YT 500 Hour YOGA Teacher Certification, Restorative YOGA , Chair YOGA, & YIN Yoga.  Kathleen is a member of  the respected Yoga Alliance.


Additionally, Kathleen has a certification to work with clients living with Parkinson's Disease, which has quickly become a specialty and a favorite. 

Kathleen has worked as an intern in Cardiac Rehab at Quincy Hospital in Massachusetts.  Her current specialties with clients include MS, Scoliosis, and Senior Strength, Balance, Core and conditioning.  


Kathleen holds certifications in Myofascial release with Rossiter Coach Training Levels 1-4 and includes this and manual and assistive forms of stretching in all personal training sessions. 


These represent just a few of the 30 plus separate professional credentials Kathleen has earned throughout her career.


Kathleen is committed to refining her skills and expanding her knowledge of human performance and Healthy Lifestyle for all ages.


 Her extremely loyal client base is due to the personal interest she takes in each of her clients and her belief that we are all individuals and our lifestyles and needs remain unique.

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