40 Days of Health and Fitness

40 Days.......

   Starts with a 10 day PURIUM Cleanse

    Continue for another 30 days with PURIUM shakes and supplements to support your conintued detox and chose foods from the PURIUM nutritionally dense low calorie food choice list.

Ask yourself - how much do I spend on groceries? coffee?  protein bars? last minute stops at the store for snacks because you left in a hurry that morning?


40 days of PURIUM shakes and supplements costs $459 - $50 off with my "completephysique" gift code for New buyers.  The 10 day cleanse, for short term peeps is $260.  Stack that up against your grocery bill of over processed, packaged, undigestable foods :)

Then add my 3-4-U 30 minute workouts 3 times per week and you are going to be looking and feeling Awesome!!!

$500  - 12 30- minute workouts in four weeks

Ishoppurium.com to purchase your cleanse,(code "completephysique" then email me at kathleen@completephysiqueboulder.com and let's schedule your first workout!

Hope to chat with you soon!!!

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