​Personal Training/Nutrition

A personally designed program , by Kathleen , will provide valuable insight on exercise, nutrition and the perfect combination of both .  This perfect combination will work for you, as it is  based on your own personal lifestyle. 


The knowledge and support you will gain through your work with Kathleen will be a blue print for your life long commitment to exercise, nutrition and good health. You can start at any age, any month, any year.  Discover what works for you and put it into action as you seek a higher quality of life through increased health and fitness.


Get Started with our 90 day Lifestyle Transformation (3-4-U3) program - Begin with a 10 day Transformation cleanse using PURIUM Products, while meeting  with a trainer 3 times per week for 30 minutes - followed by 30 minutes  on the Treadmill, for 3 months.  This program gets you back on track, helps to create a schedule of workouts that fits into your lifestyle, and balances strength and cardio., and nutrition.

"Obstacles are those frightful things we see, when we take our eyes off our goals."  Anonymous

Group Personal Training

Do you enjoy the energy of a group?  Do you want personalized attention but can't afford personal training?  Our groups are for you! 

Work closely with a group of 4-6 people.  Create goals at the beginning of the month.  Kathleen works closely with each participant knowing his or her injuries , fitness levels, and when to create individual modifications so all fitness levels can join.



My Rehab sessions includes foam rolling, Aaron Mattes PNF stretching and fascial release, which may relieve pain and discomfort instantly.  My focus is on stretching the connective tissue - a head to toe network of ligaments, muscles, tendons and fascia.


Rehab workouts will focus on  the body’s connective tissue, which may tighten and shorten due to age, overuse, injury, bad posture or a combination of all.


To be able to move freely and without pain, tightness or stiffness, we need to give the body back the space it craves. A 15-20 minute stretching session may get rid of pain or tightness anywhere in the body. 

Contact Kathleen@completephysiqueboulder.com to book your appointment today!

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