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Are you cleansing with us??

Are you cleansing with me this month? Even if you don't do the 5-day, there are 5 things you can give up - ALCOHOL, REFINED SUGAR (Fruit/Berries ok), DAIRY PRODUCTS (INFLAMMATION & HIGH IN SUGAR) Plain yogurt is ok, WHEAT/GLUTEN.

WHAT CAN I EAT??? you may say.......Try real foods - nothing out of a package or a can...... PREPARE your MEALS for week on Sunday - cook your chicken in abundance, make your salads in a jar (sons the dressing) pick up mason jars at Safeway, King Soopers, Target, etc, purchase RAW nuts for snacking versus roasted/salted, Crunch on Fresh veggies, fresh berries Pull up "YUMMLY" and "" and researcht Paleo versions of your favorite meals. This is your month to get serious, make change, have more energy! Be Prepared! Plan, Love your body! Feel your health shining through!!!!

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