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Did Your Mother Ever Say....

"It's not what's on the outside, it's what's on the inside, that matters most?"

If you listened to my Monday Morning 8 week Training Video on Facebook and Instagram last week, you would now know the first 3 steps on the ladder toward the pinnacle of the Healthy Lifestyle pyramid according to Complete Physique. It's not training schedules and food choices, instead, the first three steps in the ladder are ROUTINE, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND FORGIVENESS.

You expected something different??? Perhaps you expected me to share my weekly workout schedule, my daily eating consumption, or, even better, telling you not to eat, those "bad foods?" Wrong!!

I am training to be the healthiest I can be when I turn 55, and, like my mother said, "it's the inside that matters most."

In marketing my gym for the past 7 years, my focus has been to attract the people who are not ultra athletes or "career" dieters. I wanted to work with the one's who felt uncomfortable going into big gyms, who didn't have any desire to be extreme athletes, who just wanted to feel good in their own skin.

A few of my favorite marketing slogan's for the gym "We are not a Boulder Body Mentality," "This is a NO MAKEUP ZONE," "Come as you are, bed heads embraced."

When we feel comfortable in our own skin, the beauty that we exude is felt by all in the same room. Have you ever marveled at a very over-weight person who walked into a room with perfectly tailored clothing, nice make up, and a confidence that blew you away? I have. When I was younger, I knew such a women. I never saw her as overweight (about 25lbs), I was struck by her self confidence. She moved through the room with grace and royalty. I wanted that! I wanted to stop being in the corner where no one would notice me. I was young, I lacked self confidence, and this woman, who I barely knew effected me as an individual and effected my future business.

Healthy lifestyle starts on the inside. Self confidence and self love, are the keys to success.

Our Ladder begins the process - Routine gives us "self empowerment" "Accountability" gives us the support we need, and "forgiveness" reminds us that perfection is not the goal, perfection doesn't exist.

This week, let's work on keeping this journey to ourselves. When we get to the pinnacle, we become beautiful role models of a happy, healthy lifestyle, but if we are constantly putting our expectations on others, telling them what to do, how often to workout, what foods are bad, we are creating a resentful situation, and taking the energy away from our own journey. Many times we ask people to be the very things that we, ourselves, struggle with.

When we feel self confident on the inside, people will marvel at us. There will be no need to tell someone what to do, as, they will naturally want to do it, because when we walk into the room, we will exude an energy, that everyone wants to be a part of.


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