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How Can Beets help afternoon slump and low sex drive????

Good Question!!! Beets increase blood iron and blood flow....

My newest solution for low afternoon energy is PURIUM'S "Can't Beet This" energy drink .

It's a certified organic beet juice sold with our Athletic line. However, I drink it before a workout and now around 3 pm so my afternoon clients can now enjoy my high energy level as much as my morning clients!

Did you know beets are a SUPERFood that increase iron in the blood? Great for women with their periods who suffer from Anemia, but also great for women who are athletes and suffer from low blood iron due to exercise.

Low blood iron equates to low energy - ugh! Mix it with our Chlorella and a cast iron pan and BAM!! - we can reverse anemia! Even better,

But Wait! Beets are great for SEX! Beets do the same thing Viagra does - increase Nitric acid and blood flow!! Take it with PURIUM's Super Life - and it's one of safest alternative to Viagra (according to our founder, David Sandavol) - as it balances hormones!! Can't Beet This combined with Purium's Super Life is phenomenal for sex!

Can it get any better??? Beats are also great for cleansing the liver! The liver cleanses our blood, but what cleanses the liver? Our kidneys act as a "trash can" to the liver. Both are considered vital organs and need our attention. Both the Beet Juice and PURIUM's Green spectrum are a powerful combination to cleansing these two vital organs. Add them to your green juice and let the cleansing begin!!!

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