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Partner Massage Class

Friday, February 17th at 6 pm.

Do you want to learn how to give and receive easy and effective massage with your partner? Lisa will teach you everything you need to know for how to massage like a pro. If your partner says, “Give me a massage” and you want to know the proper massage techniques… you are in the right place.

Designed to introduce you to the power of touch in your life and give you all of the massage skills that you will need to keep your partner or friend in heavenly bliss for the rest of your lives.

The workshop is for couples or friends (any two people over the age of 18) class will allow enough time for both of you to give and receive an effective massage. Facilitating your partner to relax and ease tension that may be causing them discomfort.

What to expect

We will start by meeting each other and discussing the power and value of touch. Your facilitator will demonstrate many massage techniques that you will be using throughout the evening in a conversational format. You will then take turns giving and receiving massage while your facilitator leads you in various techniques. Each of you will give and receive a complete massage from each other. You are working only with your partner and the facilitators, not the other class participants.

What You Will Need To Bring

Please wear very loose and comfortable clothing At least one bottled water for each of you (leave your coffee at home, it is time to relax) If you have any skin allergies, you may bring your own lotion. Please do not bring any scented lotions or oils as these may disturb others. Hair ties if you have long hair Please arrive 10 minutes early so the workshop can start on time and without interruptions.

$40 per couple with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 couples.


This workshop is for recreational use only, no certificates, licenses, or ceu hours are credited for completing the class.

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