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It's not about cleansing and weight loss....

It's about lifestyle change.....

So whatever you have been doing up until now, wasn't working, that's why you chose the cleanse....

When you finish the 10 days, the real work begins....

It takes 21 days to change a habit,

It takes 3 months! to create hormonal balance,

The cleanse fills your body with nutritionally dense, organically pure food, while you get rid of all the inflammatory foods.

The cleanse helps you to look at the foods you normally eat in a different light,

The cleanse helps in creating change in your regular eating routine,

The cleanse forces you to be prepared......pack the night before (hence the green PURIUM bags....

Don't make up excuses during this time of change, don't do what you always do and quit and say it's not working - The cleanse (and me) are telling you, "it's time"

Life is short, let's start the journey toward a healthy, energetic, happy new path...

It's all upstairs in your head...the cleanse will help to get rid of the cravings, add empowerment through your discipline, hand you back your energy, and you will steer all of that toward an ever evolving, beautifully enhanced YOU!

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