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It's Not about a "cleanse" it's about Choice

Remember, it's not about the "cleanse" it's about the choice to bring balance and health back to our beautiful bodies! If we reach out for the cleanse, it's because our bodies do not feel healthy....There is something peaceful about a cleanse, there is something peaceful about taking 10 days to focus on "me".

It's a time when the rest of the world comes second and "I" am first......

The cleanse, when put into perspective, puts a smile on our faces, because we are doing something that we have found difficult in the past, we are finding self discipline, self empowerment and self love through our commitment.....

During our 10 days, we discover that food, coffee, and alcohol are choices we make to find relaxation, comfort, and distraction......and during the cleanse we seek out alternatives and (hopefully) make better choices....we walk, we talk, we read, we meditate, we tap into our inner most powerful selves - that's where we rediscover our incredible strengths.....

Whether you are starting the 10 day, finishing the 10 day or continuing on to 30....don't throw away what you have learned, make it your learned alternatives the new you.....

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