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Working out, but not eating right?

It's seems easier to get the exercise component down, the eating, not so easy. I see so many people put their all into working out. Even though I right out an exact plan for success with balanced nutrition based on his/her lifestyle, eating healthy is the hardest change to create.

I know, because as a trainer, a very busy trainer, if I am not prepared, frequent visits to the coffee shop and 7-11 for protein bars was a common occurrence. My quest to eat healthy, more lean protein, more greens, and more fruit fell short to my busy schedule that supported exactly that in my clients and daughter's lifestyle.

I found PURIUM, a nutritionally dense, low calorie, certified organic, certified GMO free Superfood. I am an advocate of eating organic food, but I also understand that what we think is organic and nutritious is deceiving. I never thought about what it takes to get organic food off the farm, to storage plants, to the stores and the carbon foot print it leaves. I also never considered where these organic farms are situated with regards to farms using GMO's.

PURIUM chooses its farms based on the proximity of farms with soils polluted by GMO's. It's carbon foot print is half of what ORGANIC farms produce.

PURIUM is a SUPERFOOD Company that offers programs for weight loss, athletes, family, and anti aging. Check it out and go shopping at and use my gift code "completephysique".

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