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Routine=Success + Green food=Inner Happiness

The most successful people in life are successful because they have a daily routine. It's so exciting to see a client who begins establishing routine with exercise, then with food. They chat about it with an enthusiasm that is, to me, intoxicating!

When we finally stop making excuses and start exercising on a regular basis we feel empowered. Not only does our body feel good on the outside, but when the inside is being fed nutritionally dense food, we have an energy that is boundless.

We don't have to be an elite athlete, we don't have to exercise at a high level of intensity 24/7, we just have to get moving and start eating "real" food. Go through your kitchen, start throwing away the crackers and the cookies and start shopping for greens, fruits, nuts and veggies.

What's a better food option - a protein bar or a banana with almond butter - eat one today and the other tomorrow and tell me how you feel after? "completephysique" for $50 off on a $70 or more purchase.



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