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Let the Eating & Drinking Games Begin

Here we go, folks! The most difficult time of year to control your eating, drinking, sleeping and exercise routines, is just about to begin.....

So without much ado, let's get to the point - Don't do it!

As I said in my previous blog - create a plan. Being prepared and maintaining routine are your best defenses against over eating. PURIUM makes a product - Creamy Vanilla Whey powder, which is a meal suppressant. If you need a little help - try it, right before you head out to a party. If not this, grab a few scoops of your own protein powder. Getting something in your stomach that is healthy, before having that first cocktail (translation - first cocktail is a doorway to over eating). The protein is a great choice as it slows digestion when added to a carbohydrate - maintaining a more even blood sugar.

Remember, no matter what happens at the evening or office holiday party, wake up the next morning and get back on track. Drink your protein shake for breakfast - if you are on my PURIUM Lifestyle plan, be sure to take your Amino Acids as well. The best defense, as I hear often in my sports consumed boyfriend, is a "good offense".

A few of us, in the gym, will be starting the 10 day PURIUM Cleanse tomorrow. We need a little "house cleaning" from Thanksgiving, and we are buying time between holidays - keeping our worlds a little

In January, I will be kicking off a 40 day Whole Food Parasitic PURIUM Cleanse and 40 days of Videos on my Website. I too will be doing it! If you are interested, checkout my website for details and pricing.

This is a time of year that tests each of us, on many levels. We are as strong and as peaceful as we believe we are. I believe in you!

Happy holidays and keep tuned for more fun blogs!




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