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40 Days of Health and Fitness

We clean out our closets and under our bed, but when was the last time you did an internal cleaning?

Are you ready for the challenge? Join me and your fellow Complete Physique members as we venture on a year of internal health and cleansing. You don't have to live in Colorado to accept the challenge.

We will kick it off on Janary 8th (you can really start on any date) with a 40 day Whole Food Parasitic Cleanse. 10 day's of hard core cleansing following by 30 days of continued cleansing while eating certified organic, certified GMO Free, whole foods.

Are you in????

You can order your supplements at - $344 and $50 off for new clients. Just use my code - completephysique. It's time to get clean! Lose weight, detox, lose cravings, and create new habits with your day to day eating routine.

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