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Girlfriend time is not just about a glass of wine…

Our lives are so hectic on a daily basis. Making time for kids, spouses, significant others, family, work, friends leaves little time for ourselves!!

Try to sneak out to see a girlfriend and it means a quick glass of wine and an appetizer! Couple time usually equates to eating out with friends or attending a party and I am not even going to go "there" with the family time issues around fast food, chucky cheese, and movie popcorn....

While we cannot change everything all at once, we can choose to change one thing at a time - perfect it, then move on to the next once we get it down!

Let's start with my favorite - "Girlfriend Time".

At Complete Physique, I offer a service unique to my facility. It's "Group Personal Training". We currently offer 4 Groups, that your welcome to join, however, you can also create your own Group with 3-6 Friends.

The novelty of creating your own "Girlfriend Power Hour" is that you can personalize it - Chose your:

Weekly day and time,

Your theme (ie. Women on Weights, Super Strength Circuit, Tabats, Metabolic Strength and Conditioning),

Split the $90 fee.

Create goals for the group! Maybe you all want to run 1 mile by the end of the month, maybe jump rope for 5 minutes, maybe its measurements and Weight loss, or perhaps a modified PURIUM Cleanse.

Whatever the goals are, you will have the support of your tribe!

Call me today for details! Let's get you on the schedule for January!!!

Pass this blog on to anyone you think will be interested!!




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