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What Happened on Thanksgiving....

Thanksgiving comes once a year. For some, it's a time to be with family, cook traditional dishes, watch football, and. quite frankly, be thankful.

In my home, it's one of the more relaxing holidays. We keep the guest list to family and an "orphan" or two. Steve and I love having a day when we have no where to be, but our kitchen and living room.

We divvy up the cooking and commit to serving and eating dishes we only eat on Thanksgiving.

Most years, I go to bed with a full belly. When I wake up, it's a new day and I jump right back on to my routine! My mantra, "What happens on Thanksgiving, stays on Thanksgiving!

No matter what you eat and drink on that day, one day of over indulging will not put weight on, unless, it continues ....

Over eating once a week has been scientifically proven to "jump start" your metabolism (one day). In my case, on the day after Thanksgiving, I wake up feeling hungry and ready for a great workout! I have stored extra energy, and, I am "thankful " to get up and use it. The day after Thanksgiving, in past years, has been known to be one of my best workouts of the year!

If you feel bloated and "backed up", grab a RAW Pre and Probiotic! It works wonders for the side effects of over eating.

Don't let one day, change how you feel about yourself! What happens on Thanksgiving, stays on Thanksgiving! The next day is a new day, get up, get out, workout, and don't look back!


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