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Day 4 of 40 day Cleanse

Day 4 - when you cleanse, you learn. Suddenly you are omni present in the decisions you make about what you eat, when you eat, why you eat, and what feels good (or bad) about what you eat. Some people are fearful of the word cleanse. Because with a cleanse, comes change. Not very many people like the word "change" We are routine driven, even if we think our world is chaotic, the chaos is routine. Food is routine, but food is also comfort, and, in some cases (with sugar) addiction...... In the first 10 days of this PURIUM prescribed cleanse, your normal routine is turned up-side down. You are asked to follow something completely different. The mental result, as I have seen with a few of my clients is "I can't do this! I am hungry (emmotional), I am angry, I am tired, I hate the way this tastes. I don't want to be on a product, I want food." All of this is the result of change in their routine. People don't chose to do a cleanse unless he/she REALLY NEEDS IT. They are at a place where something has to give. With certain people, as much as they need it, they fight it. But, those same people, once they get to day 7 - call me - "What do I do on day 11??" I don't want to go off!" I am on day 4 and I am feeling fabulous! Tomorrow I will talk about my introduction to new foods and how much I love (like never before) eating new, nutritionally dense veggies!!! Have a fabulous day! Kathleen Tormey

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