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Libra Connects Us to One Another

Libra connects us with one another. It is love, partnership, collaboration, and companionship. Under last week's full Moon, we learned love is the medicine that softens our armor, inviting us to tend to any hurt hiding beneath the surface.

Relationships hold the very keys to our healing.

As we allow the insights of the astrological transits this week to settle within us, we are asked to heed the themes of slowing down, returning to the body, regarding love as medicine, and healing in partnership.

We are gifted with the invitation to ground our ideas, inspirations, and desires into a journey that not only allows us to create and manifest those realities, but also to enjoy and savor each step of that process.

We are handed the scales to cultivate balance in our lives. As Taurus invites us to enjoy the building process as much as the end result, Libra reminds us that a balanced life requires integration of both action and rest, giving and receiving, work and play, integration and application.

We are invited to soften. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, our planet of love, beauty, receptivity, art, harmony, and beauty. How can you bring these energies into your day? How can you allow them to support your dreams? And how can you enable them to be your most healing allies?


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