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The River of Life "Acceptance"

"Between the banks of pain and pleasure the river of life flows. It is only when the mind refuses to flow with life, and gets stuck at the banks, that it becomes a problem. By flowing with life I mean acceptance -- letting come what comes and go what goes."Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj I took a Yoga class, recently, and the instructor began the class with this quote. It resonated with me. How often have I gotten stuck on one of those banks? Am I accepting what happens? Or, am I stuck? When we are stuck, we are not growing, we are not becoming, we are in ego and, therefore, we stay in a place of wanting. Are you sitting in one place? A place of pain? A place of pleasure? What keeps you from taking that next step? Let go of the bank that you cling to, and Allow yourself to flow. I have felt stuck lately and I am reminded, by this quote, to accept, to feel, and to surrender to what is, not what was or what could be. Simply, what is. That is what I will do. Namaste Kathleen

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