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Meet Charlene!!


Please join me in welcoming Charlene, Complete Physique's new Massage Therapist!

Charlene obtained her New York State license in 2000 and her Colorado State license in 2010. Within months of obtaining her license, she began working in medically therapeutic environments, in addition to helping the relatively healthy, and active individuals.

Charlene's desire to help people work toward living free from pain motivates her to treat meticulously and with compassion. She looks to the cause and effect of the pain and dysfunction to reduce the issues and restore better function, while listening to the patient’s body to find what lies underneath the pain.

Charlene's specialty experience includes, but is not limited to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Vertigo, osteoarthritis, post-surgery effects, repetitive stress difficulties, migraine headaches, athletic injuries, trigger point issues and prenatal massage.

When working with her clients, Charlene applies deep, medium or light application to suit the needs of the person as they are that day. Her college training included a form of European massage as well as the Korean “Amma” massage, but her primary “go-to” techniques consist of trigger (and/or acupressure) point, myofascial release, gross joint mobilization and MET (Muscle Energy Technique) stretching. She has had training including postural release work and visceral manipulation which she finds definitely has its place.

Charlene has dedicated Mondays to Complete Physique for massage.

You can book on line at or contact me directly, if you desire another day and time.

I am very excited about this new addition to our staff!

Saturday was small business day in Colorado, please support us and those who are working hard to meet the needs of our consumers while keeping is small, exclusive, and special!!

Welcome aboard my friend! This is going to be a very exciting ride!!!

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