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Eating or Exercise?

In the quest for healthy lifestyle, we have to components that we have to get right - creating a healthy approach to daily nutrition and getting more exercise in.

In general, people have an easier time of incorporating activity into daily routine. It's the food thing that creates hurdles.

In most cases we can add just a little exercise to make a big difference. Simple steps to creating change to our to daily routine:

- making an appointment with a personal trainer

- Find a group fitness class that you love and put it on your calendar

- Skip the elevator! Take the stairs

- don't just let the dog out, walk him!

- use your bike and feet when heading to the local market

When it comes to eating healthy, we have too many excuses - "the kids only like pizza and hot dogs", "my husband insists on keeping junk for in the house for "the kids," "I eat on the run, no time to shop," "my company orders food in," "there is chocolate in my office that I can't resist around 3 pm"

Any of these sound familiar?

This week try these simple steps:

- create a menu for the week that includes late afternoon snacks such as veggies and hummus, apple and almond butter, gluten free crackers and cheese

- Shop at the beginning of the week - without the kids - shop the peripheral of the store.

- Don't tell anyone you are making changes - just do it

- include partner, kids both in on cooking - make it fun

- bring your food to work

- create variety for you and your family - have healthy websites send you 5 days of menus

- search Pinterest for healthy alternatives for your favorite recipes and snacks

- be prepared - pack snacks so you don't go looking for that bowl of chocolate

- set your alarm mid afternoon and get up from your desk - go for a walk

Remember what Deepaik Chopra said “Every negative belief weakens the partnership between mind and body.”

Don't look at change as neagative - keep it all positive!Don


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