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Thought for the Day - Practicing Presence

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This year, one of my three intentions is practicing being in presence more often throughout the day.

Today, while I was on a walk with Barkley, I was looking around, taking in the mountains, the lake, and listening to the birds. As I cleared my mind, I was drawn to my dog. I knelt down, bypassed all the thoughts that started popping into my mind, then Barkley rubbed his nose up against my cheek. I sat there and enjoyed the sensation that his fuzzy chin created on my face. I felt his tiny kisses from his nose when he turned his head towards me. I stared at him for a long moment in the eyes and felt his connection. This, I decided, is truly living.

Every moment like this teaches me the importance of getting out of the head and being in the moment.....feeling versus thinking.....when we remove all the thoughts and energy that no longer serves us, we are left with true love....



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