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Thought for the day "As my eyes opened, so did my soul speak"

As I opened my eyes this morning, I glanced out the window to see Mother nature waking up with me. Far off on the horizon, a mix of red, orange and yellow could be seen in a tiny line - Similar to a tired eye beginning to open up to a brand new day.

Each day begins for me with gratitude.

I am grateful for these moments of presence when I can appreciate and value the natural beauty of a sunrise - so omni-present and waiting for me to notice.

Practicing gratitude puts a smile on my face before ever leaving my bed. Without gratitude, we are left with a focus on all that is wrong. It's easy to be swayed in that direction. So much discourse in the world.

My spiritual journey has awakened my soul and shifted my focus. My journey has reminded me that what happens on the outside is just part of the journey. At the end of the day, the outside is so small in comparison to the divinity that flows through us and can be felt in the silence of our soul.

If you take a moment to close your eyes, sink into your darkness, it's in that silence that you will tap into your greatest wisdom.

As I closed my eyes this morning, and practiced my gratitude, I then allowed for silence. In that silence my soul spoke to me..

"Today I will show up in a way that beautifies my soul....I will show up in a way that emulates my spirit."

with true love....



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