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Soul Talk: Formless, Unconditional Love

Have you ever sat with someone,

looked into their eyes,

and felt nothing but pure love and joy?

For no apparent reason?

I have, a very long time ago.

It has always puzzled me.

Recently, I listened to a podcast with Eckhart Tolle, talking about relationships. In his podcast, Eckhart addressed this very thing.

He called it "Formless, Unconditional Love."

"When you sit in presence with someone,

look into their eyes, and feel nothing but pure love, you are feeling "essence."

Essence is a pure, formless, unconditional love.

Your souls talking, They are reaching out through the eyes, tickling each other's soul, warming the other's heart,

No need for explanation.

Simply honor that moment

Honor that soul

Embrace and continue to love



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