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Issues with your knee?

There are three things you can do right away to help with knee pain caused by overuse, osteoarthritis, and injury to the meniscus.

1,  Hydration. Be sure you drink enough water so the tissues of the knee become more lubricated and slide properly and the muscles that support The knee or hydrated and supple. 1 ounce per kilogram of body weight is recommended when drinking water. Anything but water will not do the same job.

2. Glucosamine Start taking glucosamine as it plays a vital role in the building of Cartlidge and collagen in the joint.

4. Myofascial Telease - Work on releasing the muscles that surround and pull on that joint. Try my foam rolling video? Or use a lacrosse ball. The hamstrings, quads and calf muscles are the three specific muscle groups that need to be released, strengthen and flexible. 

6. Talk with me at your next session about exercises that you can start to do at home to strengthen and support the knee joint.

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