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Change is good

As we open the door to the last week of 2017, let's no only take the opportunity to reflect on 2018, but let's keep in mind what Spencer Johnson said in his 1998 book, "Who Moved My Cheese" - "the most successful people in life, are those who can adapt to change."

So I ask, "What were your challenges this past year?" and, "how well did you do get through them?" More important, "What did you learn in the process about yourself?"


My business is all about change. Each individual that walks through my door, asks for change. They come to me because, for whatever reason, they have been unable to navigate on their own.

With each person I work with, I learn so much about myself. Sounds funny, huh? But, this is how I know, I am following the right path. Working with people, helps me to grow as an individual.

For most clients, it's not about losing weight for a vacation, its about navigating a path to healthier lifestyle, what I hear from my clients, is more then the cookie he or she ate last night, or the missed workout, I hear about the struggles they incur that cause these mishaps. I am blessed and honored to work with my people in creating real solutions to these "mishaps".

Together, through my relationship with my clients, we develop a "real" approach to health and fitness. This approach is unique to that person.

Change is good, Spencer. His book as inspired me for years. I joyfully pass it on to all of you as a clear reminder that with change comes growth, with growth comes maturity and with maturity comes a love and compassion for who we are and all that we chose to surround ourselves with.



IMy business is all about change for each individual that steps through my door. As I help my clients navigate lifestyle, I


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