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Holidays and Health

Skin, hair, nails, energy levels - all effected by what we put in our mouths.

Did you know that your intestinal tract accounts for 70 percent of your immune system? Just like the cardiovascular system, when arteries become occuluded your system becomes less efficient and puts a strain on your heart.

When your intestines become backed up do to over eating and poor digestion (bloated, extended stomach, gas, diarrhea) your immune system becomes less efficient and you put on weight.

During the holidays, we eat foods that we don't normally eat, we over eat, we grab quick processed foods, and we tend to eat later at night.

The average weight gain during the holidays is 3-8 pounds. Most of which is water and bloating due to all of the above. Most people will lose 3 of those pounds quickly, as soon as they go back to a healthy diet.

It's no wonder people are more effected by the flu this time of year, we simply are not at our healthiest and therefore, our immune systems become depressed.

A few tips on how to keep your self functioning at a higher/healthier level -

- Don't live by the modo "It's the holidays! I'll get back on in January" UGG

-No Matter what slip ups occur with alcohol at the Christmas party, get back on it the next morning!

-Stick to your regular exercise routine.

- Drink 60 ounces of water each day.

-Get to bed early on nights with no holiday gatherings (7-8 hours of sleep)

- Drink a green shake once a day with protein and collagen

-Eat a mixed green salad with salmon, chicken on turkey each day

- Drink water immediately upon arriving to a party, and another immediately after your glass of wine (Tequila or vodka)

- Stick to protein packed appetizers at the party

-Eat crackers and cheese without the crackers, Guacamole without chips (I use a spoon), hummus with veggies, shrimp etc.

-Make an early morning appointment with a friend at the gym, to assure you get home at a decent hour, and, sleep at least 7 hours.

-BE HAPPY - love yourself and you will treat yourself better, hate yourself and watch how your diet goes down the hill quickly.

Happy Holidays!



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