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Menopause is NOT a dirty word!

A study of one million women has been released recently, saying there is NO correlation with menopause and weight gain.

It was confirmed that your metabolism doesn't actually slow down in midlife. In fact, it's relatively consistent from age 20-60 (after 60 it decreases only .7 % a year).

Yet.... weight gain in midlife happens.

Yes, fluctuating hormones play a part. As do genetics, to some extent.

But, it's actually more LIFESYLE HABITS, not menopause itself, that's the culprit.

You may be thinking, "But I'm not doing anything different?!?" There, in part, is the answer.

You have a different body, now. Different hormones and body composition. You're not 20 anymore. This means a different approach.

What used to work before, likely won't work now.

Back to habits....

- Are you actually moving less?

- Are you possibly eating more or drinking more alcohol?

- How is your stress level (kids, partner, job, family schedule, school schedules)?

- Sleep? Do you get any?

- Exercise - it's on the schedule, but do you actually get there? Have you changed your program? Or do you still stick to the philosophy that an hour of hard cardio is the only way to maintain (or lose) weight?

These all matter, and, can lead to weight gain.

But, this study is actually GOOD news! Because it's more in our control.

Have you ever been told that weight gain is a normal part of aging?

In the US alone, 6,000 women reach menopause each day.

By 2025 there will be 1 BILLION women in menopause - 12% of the world's population

We can spend 40 percent of our lives in Menopause.

And, yet, we don't talk about it enough. In fact, 46% of women said they felt unprepared for - or didn't understand menopause.

As young teens, we're taught about menstruation from our mothers ( and in embarrassing gym class lectures.) . We take classes to prepare for pregnancy and birth.

But , where do we get our education about menopause? My mom didn't sit me down for this one, nor did I ever see a prep course on it.

So May is "Menopause Month." Join me , as I discuss what changes you can make to exercise, eating and lifestyle that will result in positive change in your body, mind and soul for a more graceful transition into our "golden years"!!!


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