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Mercury in Retrograde invites us to take a fresh look.....

Instead of rushing into the New Year, Mercury in Retrograde is nudging us to slow down and ask ourselves what we truly want. It is giving us the opportunity to look at old relationships and situations that may have not worked, from a new perspective.

"This Thursday, December 29, marks the start of the our final Mercury retrograde of 2022. Although a retrograde may seem counterintuitive to the spark of a new year, there remains deep medicine, invitations, insights, and support within the seemingly backward motion, which will escort us into 2023.

Mercury retrogrades from the earthly sign of Capricorn, which guides you into who you want to be in the world, what you want to contribute, and what path you want to master.

Mercury retraces steps it's already taken during retrograde. While the path may be familiar, the perspective this time around is entirely different. This is why Mercury retrograde often manifests in our lives as old projects, relationships and ways of being revisited.

We, too, retrace our own steps to experience our journey from a new perspective. The seemingly backward motion of Mercury pulls our attention toward the past, inviting us to explore what we may have missed, inviting us to receive the insights and awareness that we previously did not.

"In Capricorn, Mercury becomes concerned with our goals, life plans, career, and reputation—the kinds of things we often contemplate as we step into the new year with our new intentions. Here you have the opportunity to reconsider all that you have been taught, and all that you have believed, about who you are in the world and what you should do with your life."

Insights taken from

Jordane Maree

Yoga Journal


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