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The Worst Workout......

The Worst Workout, is the one that didn't happen.

This year, the holiday season is a short one! It's brevity creates even more chaos. Each day brings a new seasonal challenge in the midst of keeping our regular work and family life copacetic.

Are you feeling the frenetic energy in the air? Keeping up with parties, gift giving, decorating, school functions?

As tempting as it may be to cancel your workout, remember, exercise is your best defense against being swallowed up by the holiday season.

It's also the best defense to getting sick!

Exercise channels the stress out of your body. When you leave your workout and drink your protein shake, it's a reboot back to feeling in control and recommitted to your health. If you don't feel healthy, the holidays season is no fun!

If there is one think you should not cancel this month, it's your workout!!

Get up, workout, eat a healthy breakfast and get on with the day with a great big smile!


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