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XMas Tree Down, Gut Still Extended

Perhaps you have put away the holiday decorations, paid off the holiday bills, but now realize some things are not as easy to put away?

Every year, no matter how hard we try, we over indulge during the holidays. You know what I am talking about-!! Not just presents for family, but, too many parties, too many cookies, and alas, too much drinking......

It's easy to clean up the house and pay the bills, but, now, it's time to clean up our eating and clean out the gut!!!

Getting back on your exercise program is a great start, but until you get off the sugar, and put away the wine bottles,

you won't see the changes you so desperately seek in your body.

For some, it's seeing your feet again, for others, it's fitting in to a pair of jeans, and for many other peeps, it's about loving the person you see in the mirror, because you know how hard you work to keep her healthy.

You can start by making changes in your diet. For example, give up sugar and alcohol for the month of January. Additionally, You can clean out your cupboards, shop on the outside periphery of the grocery store, and limit social engagements.

However, if you are like most peeps, you may need a turbo boost! I have the answer!! PURIUM 10 - 40 day cleanses. PURIUM is an amazing company committed to the environment through GMO Free Farming and environmentally friendly packaging. Just as important, the quality of this product that you put in your mouth, is superior to any other.

PURIUM is an organized program that provides the foods and supplements you will need during your cleanse, while removing the stress of shopping and last minute food runs.

While cleansing you will be filling your body with nutritionally dense food that guarantees your body get's everything it needs.

If you are interested, I can send you a few short text videos to introduce you to this amazing journey. This cleanse will open your eyes to the poor food choices and eating patterns that have been controlling you. You will lose weight, learn to eat properly, identify foods that bother you, and regain energy that has been lost over the years due to poor eating!

Reach out to me at and let's chat!!


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