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Stay on the Rollercoaster

There is a beautiful ebb and flow to life, a balance that reminds us that life's journey is not about perfection. Some call it a roller coaster, I call it life. Just at the moment when the roller coaster has us racing down the steepest hill and our stomach feels it can't take another second, the bottom of the hill appears and the track evens out before taking on our next ascent.

This seems to be a lost concept. As a society we want things quickly and if it's not quick enough, we move on, which makes me sad. We quit before getting to the bottom of the hill, we forget that the roller coaster's hill has an end ,and, instead we chose not to ride it out.

If life offered us perfection, our journey would end too quickly. I believe we are on a path of discovery learning from the most difficult situations. We have uphill climbs, and then there are the mountains.

Have you ever reached the summit of a 14er?. The sense of self accomplisment is powerful.

You think summiting a 14er is hard? Try applying the concept to youself. Of course, it's invaluable in relationships, but without feeling the power of commitment to ourselves, the relationship part will fall short.

Love yourself first and the relationship part will inevitably prosper.

In the new year, I challenge you to commit to being healthy!

Eating right, working out, creating balance in your routine. I know you know how good it feels - go after it - don't quit! Muscle through to feel the benefits of your personal successes.

I wish you and your family a beautiful holiday season!

xoxo, Kathleen

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