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The Quest for Internal Health

About a year ago, I was on a quest to get healthier. I felt I was aging more quickly than I wanted on the outside and, thus, knew, I needed some serious "house keeping" on the inside....

Colleen Glenn-Wilson introduced me to PURIUM. A Certified Organic, Certified GMO free superfood company that created the 10 day Transformation to better health.

This company offers many tools to health, but my quest needed to begin with a "cleanse" I HATE cleanses. I LOVE to eat!!!

Very Quickly, I discovered this cleanse had different paths - one that allowed more food (thank God) as long as you work out - I took the challenge!!! - so did Steve and about 10 other clients....This was the first step I took and probably one of the best decisions I have made in years....

Stay tuned for more about my year of "healthy discovery", which inlcudes cleansing (my nemisis), educating myself on what exactly GMO and "certified" transflate to - and all of the obstacles I have stumbled over during this journey -

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