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It's not about the "perfect" body.....

Too many of my clients stop working out because unless they do it 6 days a week, they feel they have failed......

We are such a culture of perfection, that we don't see balance as success..... Perfection means having the "perfect body"...... by the way what is the perfect body?

For too long I wanted to have a "boob job" so my body would be "perfect" I had the abs, I had the legs, I wanted the boobs......then I realized what that entailed - the unnecessary surgery and placement of a foreign object in my body.... I woke up at night sweating, imagining what it would be like having these implants in my body....

At age 52 I realized how much I valued my health and all that I have done throughout my life to attain it. Why in the world would I subject my body to something so out of line with my beliefs.????

As soon as I made the decision not to have the boob job, I fell in love with my body!!! I couldn't believe how much more I loved what I saw in the mirror as soon as the stress of living in "what could be" was gone.

Suddenly my padded bras took away from the body I loved, so I through them all out!

News flash - Your body is perfect! Just the way it is because it's yours!!!

Balance is not about doing a hard workout 5 days a week, balance is about doing a workout that feels great! One that leaves you wanting to do more! Throw in a healthy organic diet and some spirituality and "WA LA"!! - YOU ARE PERFECT!!!

We spend too much time looking at what could be and constantly find ourselves disappointed.

I challenge you this week to look at what IS and embrace it. Are you doing all that you can to keep yourself healthy?

What do you love about yourself? Do you have great legs? a GREAT smile,, curly crazy hair, a hearty laugh?

Hear is my mantra - "universe, thank you for giving me my health so i can be the best person I can be every day!"

Have a great week!

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