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Holidays + Parties = Weight Gain?

I would be remiss if I didn't address this annual issue. Over eating, under exercising, "what the heck, I will start in January" attitude. This will produce weight gain. No way around it.....

Keep in mind that in order to gain one pound of body fat, you must eat an additional 3,500 calories. That's alota" calories, and not something we do in one sitting. It's the accumulation of calories over time - say Thanksgiving to Christmas - and when you eat more and workout less, weight gain is inevitable.

So do we exercise more to offset this increase in calories? No, that creates too much stress on the body - think about it, workout more while eating nutritionally deficient food. This equates to less body fuel and a breakdown of lean body mass, which we need to keep our metabolism up!

History has proven that regular routine = success. When your routine changes, so do your habits. Change in routine creates chaos in our normal eating patterns and results in less energy, "hanger", and cancelled workouts.

So, my next suggestion is, keep on routine as much as possible - don't cancel your workouts and be sure to drink your shake first think in the am, pack hard boiled eggs or organic turkey for a quick snack when all goes a rye at the office. Be prepared.

PURIUM shakes are nutritionally dense and offer convenience. Two scoops of greens, one scoop of protein powder twice in the morning and you have gotten two meals of greens and protein for the day. And, guess what? If you begin your day right by feeding your body exactly what it needs and wants, you will be less apt to CHEAT!

Make this year, the year you are in control! Start the new year feeling great! Not frustrated and depressed!

Good luck and stay tuned for our New Year 40 day PURIUM cleanse and workout challenge. You don't have to be in Colorado to participate!

Happy Thanksgiving! XOXO Kathleen


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