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Do as I say, Not as I do

Sound familiar? I think everyone from my generation has heard that at least once while growing up. It's kinda like the "my house, my rules" expression.

Looking back on that, how did it make you feel? Confused, frustrated, lacking a voice? Now that you are older, would you ever actually use those expressions on a loved one, knowing the message it sends?

Fast forward to today - would you hire an astetician who has bad skin? A dentist with bad breath? A nutritionist who has candy on her desk? A Family Therapist whose divorced and his/her child is in rehab?

Or, the real question I am getting to - A personal trainer who doesn't follow their own rules?

As a personal Trainer for 27 years, I can promise you, everything I know and teach, I have experienced myself at some level, and the programs I prescribe are based on what I have learned about myself and human nature.

I have perfected the art of balance in my world with nutrition, exercise, family, and all my awesome four-legged friends - Jazzy, Ru, and Barkley.

Being successful in creating and (even harder) maintaining a balanced nutritional plan and regular exercise schedule, highly depends on balance and routine. If, each day you fly by the seat of your pants, routine will ebb and flow and you can throw true success out the window.

However, for example, if you use Sunday evening as a time to schedule your workout week and plan your meals, your chances of success will increase 10 fold.

At 52, I feel blessed. I have found a lovely routine that works for me and my family. Don't get me wrong, I will be the first to say, things come up and routine is sometimes pushed aside. But the more you work on routine and the stronger presence it has in your life, chances are, when you go off, you will get back on much quicker. You know why? Because it feels good! Once your body discovers what feeling healthy is like, it quickly moves in that direction.

Our bodies crave health - mentally, physically and spiritually.

That's what balance brings - not just a fit body, but a fit mind and strong soul.

Have a great week! Feel free to pass this blog on!

xoxo, Kathleen

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