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Paleo Peeps - Are you ready for this.....?

I am getting off the "Paleo Wagon"........

My quest for a higher level of internal health began last Spring. My stomach pains, my gas, my bloating and my "on and off" constipation has been with me for years.....

My skin, my hair, my nails.....all dry....all aging.....not what I wanted to look and feel like at 51.....

So the quest began, as my previous blog discussed, with my own personal desire to get healthier....

I started with a cleanse. On this PURIUM cleanse, I eliminated protein. I noticed how good I was feeling and attributed it to the increased greens in my diet - not the lack of protein.

For the past year, I didn't want to admit that the protein was causing so many problems. I blamed it on everything else. "Paleo is trendy for a reason" I thought "My body looks awesome! It can't be the protein" I rationalized.

For the past 20 years my diet has been high in protein - I snacked on rotisserie chicken, protein bars, premixed protein shakes - this has been easy in my crazy hectic lifestyle.

When I embarked on this cleanse, much to my surprise, my healthy eating began to come into question....

Not so much in the first few days, when I was so focused on the emmotionaI. What I did notice immediately was that my skin looked great! It took about 6 days before I recognized that my cravings began to disappear and my energy was coming back.

During this cleanse, I was nourishing my body with low calorie, nutrient dense greens. I was feeding my cells so many nutrients with so few calories that my energy was increasing as my body's need to digest all the "extras" was decreasing. My body was being fed everything it needed from this new plant based diet and boy was it happy!!

Still, I wasn't considering giving up protein.

I continued to modify my diet and in January, decided to start 2018 with another cleanse. This time, I added protein and followed it for 30 days. I was still constipated......What the heck???! I was getting restless feet syndrome at night again, and my hot flashes started to get "hotter" lol!

Confused, I decided to give up on the constipation thing, after all, I am a girl...... then, serendipitously, I watched "What the Health" - .........There it was - everything I knew but wasn't willing to accept....Inflammatory foods strike again - meat, poultry, dairy.......diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease all connected....

With all this right in front of me, I had no choice but to act - inflammatory foods - be GONE......well not right away..

For two weeks, I have given up red meat completely - no problem - dairy completely - no problem, and chicken, well, I'm working on it ......

Stay tuned folks - next Sunday let's talk about what going "inflammatory food free" really means in our culture..

I will bring you my own personal experiences so that you can take what works for you from it and start applying to your own lifestyle......



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