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What Did the Super Blue Moon Mean for You Last Week?

Last week we experienced a Super "Blue" Moon. The Blue is a term used when there are two full moons in one month.

This month on August 30th, the Blue Super Moon was accompanied by 6 planets in retrograde and one Asteroid "Citron" The Asteroid associated with Childhood Trauma.

If you felt exhausted instead of energized by the moon, if you had crazy dreams, you were experiencing the Blue Moon in the house of Pisces.

What does that mean?

The full moon is a time of cleansing and deep reflection.

On August 30th, while in the house of Pisces, the full moon, asked us to reflect on relationships and money.

Pisces is the house of emotion, healing, intuition, compassion and psychic awareness.

We may have felt tremendous emotion around relationships and money.

It's a very healing time for anyone who is experiencing issues in these two areas.

Relationships may have ended and financial burdens come to a conclusion.

This is a time to remind ourselves that life's experiences offer growth. How we decide to grow will determine what we have learned.

More important,

Anything that has an ending opens the door for a new beginning.

All I have wanted to do, last week, was be home and nest. To remove myself from the outside world and dig deep within. Did you share that pull?

This opportunity, with the Blue Moon, was my excuse to slow down, reflect on relationships and money, and has offered an alternative perspective - sending love from my heart to those who have hurt me and the decision that "I have to work more!!." Ha!

It's Monday, as you move through the week with this new knowledge, remember to look up when you are walking, open your eyes to what surrounds you and your ears to mother nature's natural sounds.

It's soothing to the nervous system and speaks to your soul.

Remind yourself that you are perfect exactly the way you are, doing your best as you meander through life, some days you got it, some days you don't, but, tomorrow is another day.



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