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It's easy to lose site of your goals this time of year...

When weight loss is the goal, the reward are temporary. Most people can set a goal to lose weight for an event, trip, etc., but it's the long term, the maintenance that they will struggle with. Especially, this time of year.

When I work with clients, I focus on changing routine, one step at a time. Starting with scheduling workouts. Most people can put workouts on their schedules. We are over scheduled with family, work, social outings.

I challenge you this week to put 3 workouts on your calendar. Calendar appointments legitimize your commitment. Try that this week. Try it till the end of the year. We know that once Thanksgiving hits, schedules go a rye. I can say with confidence, that although my clients' eating habits go to "pot", they very rarely miss an workout with me. I keep them honest.

Feel free to reach out and let me know how you do!

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