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8 Week Count Down to 55 y/o

Yesterday kicked off the 8 week count down to my 55th birthday....wait, did I say 55? Holy smokes, that's how old I am ? Geez, I feel like I am 25.......well, if I'm honest, maybe 35? But, not 55!

I remember working in Sarasota some years ago, with a client who was preparing for her "double nickel" birthday. An expression new to me then, but never forgotten. Egad, Now it's my turn!

Even better, my mom recently said, "Kathleen, your next birthday will be the same as the speed limit" Thankfully, she lives in New York.

When I turned 50, I wanted to be in the best shape of my life. Sadly, I was in the worst I had been in the past 5 years.

Moving back to Colorado at age 46, I thought, with great excitement, "I am going to be in amazing shape! I will run 4 days per week on the mountain trails, hike Sanita's and beyond (Boulder peeps know what I am talking about) eat gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, enjoyment free food! That lasted two weeks.

My brother Matt and Andrea (my sis in law) showed up to surprise me for my 50th. I was so tired from working endless hours at my new business, I thought "crud, I have to entertain and I have no energy." They cajoled me to hike the toughest hike in Boulder. I gave options.....Bo Bo Links Trail, McIntosh Lake, Royal Arch" and damned if they didn't chose the "Roylal Arch" because they liked the name. It's also one of the most difficult in Boulder. We hiked, and I haven't hiked it since then, Ha!!

This birthday is going to be different. I want you to join me through this blog as I train to enter the second half of this decade as the ultimate healthy, fit, spiritual person, I can be - granted, that would be different for everyone :)

I will post on my website regularly, and, I will post periodically on Facebook and Instagram (find me if your not there yet).

My posts will include daily (or not so daily) training successes with running, hiking, classes, and great nutrition. I will share recipes for shakes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Pictures of hiking trails and favorite running trails.

Yesterday, I ran .67 with dog, dropped him off, finished with a total 4.3 mile run. Then headed out an hour later with Steve and Barkley to Hike Sanita's Goat, Valley and Dakota trails. After that, I was rendered useless for the rest of the day.


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