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Complete Physique Lifestyle - Part 1

If you followed my recent 8 week training for my birthday, you learned about 6 very important steps in creating the Complete Physique Healthy Lifestyle - they are:

  1. Routine - creating a schedule with workouts and food

  2. Accountability - having a friend or family member to work out with or check in with

  3. Forgiveness - knowing we are perfectly imperfect, give yourself a break when you grab that piece of chocolate!

  4. Balance - finding the balance between exercise, healthy nutrition, spirituality and relationships

  5. Being "positive" - the foundation to every healthy lifestyle

  6. And, the pinnacle, your personalized Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping those six steps in mind, I will be taking you on a journey over the next few weeks. A journey sharing 30 years of experiences both with clients and myself; and, what seems to work with the majority when it comes to change and sustainability.

Let me begin by reminding you, not all people are created equal. How an individual approaches what is "healthy" and how to create change can vary greatly.

Therefore, I formulated an approach based on a universal perspective - something the majority has in common, we have a "work week." So, let's begin by treating healthy lifestyle as a 9-5 job Monday through Friday afternoon and Saturday morning...

Let me explain - The most solid routine shared by the masses, is during the week when we already have a schedule with work, kids, school, sports, and/or family pets? Right?

So a slight modification to the calendar - and I do mean slight - would seemingly be the first step? You got it! Take baby steps if you want long term success!

Let's get started with the easiest, most obvious first step - you'll need your calendar !

Scheduling exercise into your weekly routine, should be like scheduling an appointment for work. Look at the calendar, find 30-60 minutes each day, Monday to Friday for exercise. For example, 60 minutes for M, W, F and 30-45 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday. My recommendation is 30 minutes of cardio and strength 3 days per week and 2 days of longer cardio with flexibility.

Now consider this, the most successful people will workout in the morning to avoid making excuses throughout the day. Perhaps, get up a little earlier than the alarm clock, leash the dog, put on your running sneakers, go to the guest room and turn on a Complete Physique virtual video and just "get her done!"

Now, when we consider long term health, we really should consider doing something every day, whether it's a walk after dinner with your partner, a bike ride with the kids or an early morning walk with the dog. This would be considered "extra" cardio, but, a great relationship builder with family, which is also a part of a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to the weekends - chose something other than what you are doing during the week. In CO we head out of town for long hikes in the mountains, a long bike ride with the family, camping, paddle board, something fun that doesn't seem like a workout, but puts you in touch with nature.

Let's work on creating our routine this week. Put the above suggestions into action!! Check back in next week and I will bring you more ideas on healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, and long term success!!

xoxo, Kathleen


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