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Healthy Lifestyle Begins with Self Love

When you love yourself enough, you will create change.

When we are too busy trying to control change in others, or making excuses because of others, we are delaying self responsibility.

We cannot help others by controlling, we can only help others by role modeling.

On the other hand, when we become frustrated with another's desire to be healthy, when we become frustrated at another's healthy food choices, or love of exercise, this is a reflection of our own inability to create that very thing for


It starts with you. It starts with baby steps.

Create a healthy goal today - i.e. walking after dinner.

Practice that goal for one week and enjoy how it feels.

When you create a healthy goal and follow through, you feel good. about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you become hungry for another. When you create and accomplish healthy lifestyle goals, you will stop judging others for their healthy lifestyle, you will stop looking for things to dislike about a person, and you will begin seeing the things they do as things you yourself would like to accomplish.

Healthy lifestyle is not a 10 to 30 day commitment. Healthy lifestyle can only be accomplished and maintained by slowly, integrating small steps into your life, which restarts the beautiful journey of loving who you are! One goal, one week, one month, one year, one beautiful, healthy you!

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