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Let's take a moment to remember

It does't have to be that bad! Staying at home, keeping safe can actually be a nice change.

Have you read "Who Moved my Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson? If not, it's a must read for all ages. The message is clear, the most successful people in life are those who can acquiesce to change. One step further, taking what you have learned from that change and applying toward the future.

With change comes nuances, with nuances, come lessons and with lessons comes growth .....

Let's consider our present quarantine a time of grow - as individuals, as partners, as families, and as a nation.

It would appear that Mother nature has certainly stepped in! I can imagine her saying - " Now all of you, go to your rooms, while I clean up your mess!"

While we have been obsessing about our guns and our 401k's, our oceans, our ozone, our lands, and our children have been dyeing.

Presently with great fortune, we have been asked to take a brief moment, in "our rooms", and consider what is truly important to our lives and to our futures.

During this brief moment, the ozone is "self healing" the dolphins are swimming up to the shores again, carbon emissions are down substantially, children are playing with their siblings, and families are having dinner together. While Life is simple once again, the planet has begun the process of self healing.

As life seems out of control outside our front doors, we have the blessed opportunity to experience what is truly important - strong families, safe schools, and a healthy planet. Ask yourself, "how do we move forward, together, as a planet, with the new found knowledge of this new experience?

My daughter, Sami, is a "Global Environmental Policy" major. I am so proud. Not sure where she came from (kidding) Often, recently, we have beautiful discussions, in which she reminds me how important it is for the entire world to come together and work toward a healthier planet. A healthy planet for all of our future children and grandchildren, can thrive in an environment that’s healthy and safe.

Just a thought....

Love to you all!



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