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New Year, New You?

No sooner did I write that, did I question it's full value.

instead, consider this, "New Year, new challenges, positive growth :)" Because you are perfectly imperfect the way you are. Growth will only enhance your beautiful self!

I was hoping to publish this first blog on "healthy lifestyle" a bit sooner. However, I was distracted by the plethora of "cleanses", "Paleo," "Keto," Mediterranean" and "Fasting" articles. So, I decided to wait. I wanted to understand the "January" attraction to these articles, and why people are so eager to put their bodies through a painful month of changes that just won't last forever.

It's a bit of a funny cycle - Eat more of the food that is "bad" for you in December, feel like c#@$, then starve, Or, follow a "diet" that makes no sense for who you are.

I am a Veteran in this industry for over 30 years. My slogan has always been singular - "It's all about you!" Eating, exercise, relationships, spirituality. No one can be successful when trying be someone else or, perhaps, attempting to change the very essence of who you are.

Is this you? If so, perhaps, we can turn the table by creating a more personalized "healthy lifestyle plan."

First step: tapping into your intuition about what feels good.

Grab a journal - On the first page, create two columns. First column - "foods that feel good." Second Column - "foods that don't feel good."

When I say "Feel Good," I mean, food that you enjoy eating, that don't cause bloating, burping, or gassy reactions, and that doesn't leave you guilt ridden.

When I say "feel bad," I mean food that you intuitively know will leave you feeling, gassy, bloated, tired, AND you tend to over eat.

Fill in as much as you know today, then pay attention this week. Try to stick to the foods in column one. Feel free to add or take away from either column this week.

This is the first step in creating a food plan that is right for you. Remember, all the trendy eating plans are based a group of people who are completely different from you. You are unique. There is no one else out there who is you.

Join me, over the next few weeks, mapping out a healthy lifestyle that will be unique to your body and your lifestyle. Taking things slowly is a better approach, as it gives you an opportunity to create long lasting change. Change that will have a better survival rate versus 3, 5, 10 or 30 days of doing things that just don't feel good.


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