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Too Much Boozing? Over-eating? Try a "Liver Cleanse"

57th Birthday Healthy Training Blog Want to get really healthy with me as I welcome in my 57th birthday? Enjoy these quick healthy lifestyle tips that I am following, as I prepare for my birthday on July 27th!

Healthy Lifestyle - Action! Take one! (article one)

The biggest mistake you can make, is to believe that just cutting out alcohol will miraculously upgrade your liver functions. It won't – it will curb a daily or heavy weekly drinking habit but it won't ACTUALLY make you healthier if you just give your liver other battles… solution? 7 days of nothing bad for the liver. What’s bad?

  1. High Fructose corn syrup and all refined sugar – banned for 7 days

  2. All refined bread, pasta, waffle, wrap… refined flour “”

  3. Salty things… sodium is a liver killer, keep the salt low like under 1,000 mg daily “”

  4. Processed everything. Don’t buy anything in a box or order out from unhealthy restaurant.”

  5. Saturated fats, ground beef, butter, mayo, cheese, fatty yogurts and sour cream all animal fats and dairy “”

Next - 7 days of 1 meal replacement. Which meals is your less favorite? I find Breakfast the easiest - ( I love breakfast, but I also love to sit with Steve and have a healthy dinner at night, so Breakfast it is!)

Green Elixir Recipe:

  1. 1 can or 500 ml coconut water (unsweetened young green coconut) -regenerates liver cells

  2. 1/4 cup dandelion greens – kicks out liver fat nodules

  3. 1/4 cup cucumber – hydrates liver

  4. 1/4 cup spinach – Liver minerals here

  5. tsp turmeric – Anti-inflammation

  6. tsp cinnamon – Liver circulation

  7. tbsp cranberries (unsweetened raw or dry) – kicks out toxins

  8. nub of fresh ginger – Anti-inflammation

  9. Half lemon – kicks out liver fat nodules

  10. Half banana – Liver vitamins

You got this!

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