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The beauty in daily meditation

There is a beauty that can be found in stillness. There is a calmness that comes with clearing your mind, coming into the present moment, and using your breath as a mantra.

Lately I have found that daily meditation first thing in the morning sets me up for a more peaceful day.

When I allow myself to breathe deeply in through the nose, the exhale is so powerful. I feel the release of emotions, sometimes tears fall from my eyes, And in that very moment I am reminded of the importance to just feel.

The gift I've been given through meditation and my study of yoga is in embracing the importance of feeling what we need to feel. It's part of learning, it's part of our journey,

I've begun to look at suffering as an opportunity to learn. I feel - then I let go. And when I'm ready, I look at the bigger message.

I truly believe that we choose the souls we love the most to come into this lifetime and teach us the toughest lessons. So at that moment, when i'm in a situation with someone that is causing me great pain, I can stop, take a breath, and remind myself that it is that very soul that I love so deeply.

This may be a foreign concept to most, but I promise you when you think with this perspective it will give you the strength to forgive and let go. It gives you the strength to continue to love deeply without regret.

It's a beautiful reminder that on this journey we can be crippled by these very moments, or we can embrace them knowing that they are present in our lives to teach. Learning each lesson is like taking a step forward down life's path with grace, peace, and love..


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