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Thought for the day....

Perhaps the new year should not be about resolutions, but intentions.....

When you resolve to resolute change, to reach for materialistic goals....

You keep yourself in the physical, not tending to the magic of your inner awareness....

Take a moment today, sit in a corner or lie on your bed. Come in to a place of inner peace while taking 12 deep inhales and 12 audible exhales.

Clear your mind, dig deep into your soul and ask your SELF, ask Spirit, the God of your heart "What intention do I need to follow in 2023 to support my higher good."

As Noted by Jill Winterseen in her recent article in Yoga Journal. "As the new Moon in Capricorn squares Jupiter, it brings up issues around your expansion. It challenges you to write intentions and see a future that includes your soul's potential.

You are asked if you are staying small because of fear or self-doubt. It dares you to be courageous, put yourself first, and step into your full power. If you feel the tension coming up in your life, know that it's only there to show you where you need to expand past old barriers and into a new way of being."



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